google-thumbIn an announcement made by Google, they said that they’ve released a roadmap document for the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project.

This roadmap will basically outline Google’s goals on releasing new features and enhancements to the AMP project.  According to Google, 100 changes to the AMP project has already been released since they first launched.  We can expect many many more planned changes to come out of the woodwork in the future.

Google is going to share what they’re planning on completing, and after the end of the quarter, they’ll show what they actually completed.  Here’ s screen shot:


Google said:

The AMP Roadmap is designed to encourage transparency and provide a shared sense of priorities to anyone using or supporting the AMP library. There is no formal process for the creation of the roadmap — instead consider it a guide, a non-exhaustive summary of the existing higher-volume, public information sources such as the GitHub issue tracker, mailing list, Slack channel for AMP developers, @amphtml Twitter updates, and others.

To see the roadmap, click here.

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