google-logoFor a while, if you did a search for 

[presidential candidates] in Google, you’d find that you couldn’t find the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, in the list.

The only candidates that showed was Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton from the Democratic party, as well as Jill Stein from the Green Party.  Donald Trump from the Republican party had been omitted from the list.

The following image is a screen shot that  captured at 8:15 ET on the morning of July 27.


There was one SEO who suggested that it could have been an issue with WikiData not listing Donald Trump as a candidate under the category for 2016 Presidential Election.  The omission has now been addressed.

At this point, the candidates carousel doesn’t show up when I did a search for it at the time of this writing (approximately 8:40am PST).  Now, you’ll find news stories about the Trump omission.


Google Presidental Candidate Donald Trump

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