The last couple of weeks, Google has been replacing the video box in the desktop search results with a brand new carousel-formatted video box.  The earliest reports came out as early as June 6, but the big change, according to RankRanger, was on June 15.

With this new video carousel box, searchers are given a way to click and toggle through more than three videos.  They just need to click on the right arrow on the last video on the right of the box.

RankRanger said, “Video thumbnails had fallen to the point where they appeared on just .8% of all page one SERPS, a mighty 92% loss.” The following screen shot is of the RankRanger tracker tool showing the drop of the old formatted video thumbnails:

It’s now possible for Google to show more than just three videos with this new carousel format.  According to RankRanger, the average number of videos in a carousel is 8.5 cards per video carousel.

These video carousels are often triggered by using “how to” types of queries but they can also show up for more generic queries such as [video marketing]:

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