google-thumbAlthough it hasn’t been made official yet, Google has been telling some customers that there is a new minimum for Seller Ratings extensions to display in AdWords ads.  Businesses must accumulate at least 150 reviews in the past 12 months, up from just 3o, which is a decent jump in number.


Even though the policy hasn’t been updated online as of this writing, at least one agency has said that the change is already affecting customers in many markets including the UK, US and EU.

This is how the policy currently reads:


In this update, 30 unique reviews will change to 150 unique reviews when the change is formalized.  The composite rating requirement of at least 3.5 stars isn’t changing, and at least 10 reviews are needed to be in the users’ Google interface language to show., who was the first to report the change, noted that the update is going to make it more challenging for smaller retailers and brands to accumulate enough reviews to be eligible for Seller Ratings extensions to display in their AdWords ads.

Any brand or business that isn’t meeting the new requirements could find that they’re no longer eligible to show Seller Ratings or may see a change in their overall ratings scores.

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