Google Revamps The Android App-Indexing Crawl Errors Report In The Search Console

Google logo feature 1030x686It’s finally been announced by Google that they’ve finally upgraded the App Indexing Crawl Errors report in the Google Search Console.  This upgrade has come after months of not working.

According to Google, they are “updating and simplifying the app crawl error types we show in Search Console.”  There are three types of errors that are now shown in the new version of the App Crawl Status report:

  1. Package not found (unchanged)
  2. URI unsupported (unchanged)
  3. Removed from index (new)

Google reset the data in the report, so the farthest back it’ll go is December 11, 2015.

Here’s a quote about the new report:

These are app pages that don’t meet our technical guidelines — for example, users get redirected to the home page or the app crashes when the user attempts to open the deep link.

To fix this, check the example URIs both in Fetch as Google and on an actual device, and make sure your app doesn’t crash on opening, the deep pages don’t redirect to the homepage, and the content is equivalent. Once you fix the issues and we recrawl your app pages, these deep links from Google search to your app will be reexamined.


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