google-logo-feature-1030x686Apparently, there seems to have been some issues webmasters have had when it comes to the responses they got from reconsideration requests, because Google has updated the language and terminology they use in their reconsideration request responses.

There was an example of a response to a successful reconsideration request posted by Marie Haynes.  Also, Robert Meinke posted an example of an unsuccessful reconsideration request.

If you check out a successful reconsideration request, you’ll see that it now reads “Reconsideration request approved,” instead of “Manual spam action revoked.”


The unsuccessful one seems to imply that Google is now penalizing on the link level, and that not all links may be penalized.  The body text language now says, “Therefore, when determining your site’s ranking, we will continue to demote links to your site as a factor in our calculations.”


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