Google Rolling Out Consolidated Billing For AdWords MCC Users

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Google_adwordsIt was announced by Google over the weekend the roll out of Consolidated Billing for AdWords users who are managing multiple accounts through an MCC (My Client Center).

With this new system, you’ll get combined invoices for several accounts into one.  Consolidated Billing will replace Manager Defined Orders, which were only given out by request from a Google rep.

The nice thing with the Consolidated Billing system is that is will be more flexible, which will allow large businesses to set up accounting requirements by client, brand, product, division or product category.  Because it only takes one Master Service Agreement, users of Consolidated Billing will be able to create budget orders in any account without the need of a Google rep.

Any invoice a user would get shows spend for multiple accounts and will be available for download at the end of the month, or can be set up for email delivery.

The transitioning of accounts will begin between now and the end of the year to the new billing system.  When Consolidated Billing becomes available to a MCC account holder, they will receive a notification.

Original Source by Ginny Marvin

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