There are a number of users around the globe that have noticed a new keyword bidding interface in the AdWords UI today.  If a user clicks to update the Max CPC on a keyword, AdWords will bring up a new look with suggestions that are tailored to the specific keyword.

The paid media manager at UK-based digital marketing agency Prodo, Kelly Baker, tweeted a look at the options users will see when they click to change a keyword bid:


Before, it used to just show a single dialogue box:

Now, Google will show bid suggestions for various page positions, even if the bid simulator isn’t available for the keyword.  It’s possible for Google to show, one to three bid suggestions depending on the current standing on the keyword bid.  If, for example, when bids are below the first page bid, Google might show the one bid recommendations that will let you be shown on page one with regular frequency.

Something else to notice is the language that Google uses.  Rather than saying “top of page,” Google suggests to show “Above all organic search results.”  This new change of words will make it easier for new users to under stand what Google is trying to convey.  It also reflects the fewer ad position options with right rail ads gone.

If you aren’t seeing this feature in your account yet, don’t worry.  As of this writing, it is still rolling out.

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