Google is rolling out a brand new look for product listing on broad, non-brand queries this month.  The search engine says that about 40 percent of product searches are for broad terms.  Rather than featuring a selection of specific product listing ads, new Showcase Shopping ads are going to begin appearing in search results for generic product queries in the US, UK and Australia in the coming weeks.

With this new format, this will be a big change for advertisers who run non-brand Shopping campaigns.  Showcase Shopping ads feature three product images – a main image that is accompanied with two smaller side images – and a promotional message or the retailer’s distance from the user’s current position for Local Inventory Ads at the bottom of the ad.If a Showcase Shopping ad is clicked, the user is taken to a catalog-style landing page that is hosted by Google that features a retailer’s promotional copy and related products that is pulled from the product feed.

If a user clicks through on one of the products featured on the landing page on the landing page to the retailer’s site, the advertiser is charged.


What’s more is that there is a premium edition being tested that allows merchants the ability to have more control over the branding.  All Shopping campaign advertisers that are stationed in the US, UK and Australia are going to be automatically be eligible for Showcase Shopping Ads.

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