It seems that there have been complaints from webmasters saying that their image search traffic from Google has been dropping significantly, mainly from countries like France, Germany and other countries outside the US.  The traffic drop is due to Google releasing the 2013 version of the Google Images design to more countries over the last few weeks.

Once the change was mad in the US over three years ago, webmaster witnessed more than a 60 percent drop in traffic from Google Image search.  The same thing is now happening in the new countries that Google is pushing this change to.

A spokesman confirmed that they have “recently rolled out the updated UI for Image Search to some other countries.”

Currently, we don’t know what specific countries this is happening to, nor would Google send any comment on why they rolled it out over three years after the US rollout.

What is known is that in 2013, Google sent Search Engine Land this comment when responding to webmaster complaints of traffic loss:

As we’ve noted before, there are no more phantom visits and actual CTR to webmaster pages, i.e. real traffic, is up 25%, so real visits are up. As you know, we doubled the way users can reach the host website.

the topic is quite debated – Did your site lose or gain traffic due to the image search change? It depends on how you count that traffic.

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