Google began a test last summer that shows business names in the headlines of call-only ads after the phone number.  This change ended up leading to better conversion outcomes, and because of this, Google decided to roll it out of testing globally.

Business names now show in AdWords call-only ads globally.

This was just one of the announcements that was made around call-only ads and call extensions Google made on March 8th.

  • Account-level call extensions
    • If you’re an advertiser that uses one main number for call extensions, Google is rolling out account-level call extensions this week.  If you do have a single main number, you will no longer have to apply the same call extensions to multiple times within your account.
  • Call extensions details at keyword and ad levels
    • Reporting columns for “Phone impressions” and “Phone calls” are going to be available soon to see phone-through rates at the keyword and ad levels in the AdWords interface.
  • Automated call extensions will come to more advertisers
    • More advertisers will be included in automated call extensions over the coming months.  This program, which was introduced in January, automatically pulls phone numbers featured on landing pages and sets up call extension in advertisers’ accounts that don’t already have them. If you have a call extension that is already set up, you aren’t going to have to worry about it.  If you don’t use call extensions on purpose, it’s possible to opt out.

In January, It was announced by Google that Location extensions may display local-specific phone numbers in ads instead of a central number.

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