google-adwords-gradient1-1920Expanded Text Ads for AdWords has officially begun rolling out.  These extra long ads are going to double headlines and might even be seen showing across devices Tuesday morning.   This launch will come with the availability of device bidding and responsive display ads for native that had been announced at Google Performance Summit back in May.

Sundeep Jain, the person overseeing text ads at Google, told the audience at SMX Advanced in June, that the existing standard ads are going to continue running along side expanded text ads (ETAs) for several months.


But, when October 26, 2016 comes around, advertisers aren’t going to be able to create or upload standard text ads.  So far, no date has been set by Google for when standard ads will no longer run with ETAs.  Jain did say that advertisers should have sufficient time to test standard and expanded ad formats against each other to ensure they are properly using ETAs.

This means that the expectation is that advertisers are going to be able to run A/B tests with standards and not expanded text ads for a limited time.