The free version of Google’s reporting tool Data Studio is now being rolled out globally.  Several improvements have been made to the tool, including things like filters and segments.

There are now more dimensions and metrics available from existing connectors, such as AdWords campaign ID and keyword quality score, YouTube video title and DoubleClick Campaign manager revenue and cross-environment conversions.

A welcome change is the ability to select segments built in Google Analytics (GA) when building visualizations in Data Studio.  These segments are available in Data Studio, and includes system, custom and shared segments.

System segments are automatically available, and all you have to do is add custom and shared segments in reports in order to make use of them.

They can be applied to one or several charts, a page, or full report.  Segments will automatically update when changes are made in Analytics, although you can turn segment syncing off from the Resources > Segments menu.

Wen it comes to filters, are you tired of always having to create and recreate the same filters for multiple metrics in your Data Studio reporting?  Google has heard, and they’ve made some changes.  The analytics team has added the ability to save and reuse filters in your reports in a new filter interface.  You can now use AND and OR filter conditions in one filter and filter by value, including greater than, less than or specified ranges.

New filter interface in Google Data Studio

With data imports and uploads, users can now upload up to 2GB of CSV data, rather than having to rely on SQL or Google databases.

Google Data Studio is even integrated with BigQuery and even supports Standard SQL in BigQuery.  The integration between Data Studio and Google Cloud Platform is tighter now, and provides more functionality and faster reporting.

Google lifted the limit of five reports in the free version of Data Studio last month, and added a connector to Google Search Console.

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