Google has launched its annual Santa Tracker to count down the days until Christmas, serving up holiday games and educational resources.

This year, the festive offerings include coding games to make a dancing elf and one to create original artwork.  Not only that, there is an elf filter available via a “Santa Snap” game on the Android app:  “You can fly your jetpack-ed elf around the globe in Google Maps and take ‘elfies’ with famous world landmarks.”


Google’s Santa Tracker is available for Chrome, iOS and Android.  There is an Advent-style calendar on the Santa Tracker home page that will continue to publish new holiday games and information from now until December 24.

As of this writing, Google’s Advent calendar has a link to its Santa Tracker Android app, a coe instruction game for building a snowflake, holiday translations and a link to the following “Day at the Museum” video:

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