google-mobile-toolsIn an announcement made by Google, there has been a “4.7% uptick in the proportion of sites that are mobile friendly”, ever since news of the Mobile Friendly Update came up two months ago.

Now that the update has finally begun rolling out, Google hopes that the number of of sites going mobile-friendly will begin growing even more in the near future.

For , it’s a bit surprising that only 4.7% of web pages have been recognized as mobile-friendly since the update began going live.  To be honest, so am I when I first heard the news.  I would have figured a number at least somewhere between 10-15%.  But as Barry said, there are a lot of web pages that are probably not getting maintained, but are currently still resolving.

What we have to keep in mind here is, this is only the second day that the update has been active and in the process of rolling out.  Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks and months.  I’m sure we’ll see more and more sites and pages going mobile.

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