navigationDon’t you hate it when you lose your parked car?  Hell, it never went anywhere, but yet some how, through the miracle of absent mindedness, you have some how, totally misplaced your car.  Thankfully, our friends at Google have our backs.  In a report by Android Authority, the latest update to Android version of the Google Search App has a new feature that remembers where you parked your car.  The new feature will give you directions on how to go back to that location.

With this new feature, you won’t need to worry about wondering around the parking lot of a venue or shopping mall wondering which row you parked in.  You won’t even have to worry about using your lock/unlock key feature, looking for the blinking lights on your car.

To get down to how it work, Google will ask you if you would like to save the current location as a Google Now card.  Now the hard part is over.  Once you’ve left your car and done your shopping, errands, etc, just go into Google search, and tap on the card, which will then help you navigate back to where your car is parked.

But like many things, there are mixed reviews on this feature.  Some report that the accuracy may or may not work.  Could this be simply because your car is in an underground parking lot, or in a multi-level parking structure?  Who knows.  But the option is still nice to have available to us who are always going places and losing our cars.





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