google-logo-feature-1030x686Over the last few days, it seems that Google has been busying updating both the Google iOS App and the Google Maps iOS app.

With the Google iOS search app, there is now 3D Touch functionality for the iPhone 6S devices.  In order to use the 3D touch, just hard press on the Google app icon to see shortcuts for search, image search, and voice search.


Something else that was added was holiday hours to search results for restaurants, bars and local businesses.  Also, you’l also see a graph in results for places, like stores, that shows the busiest times of the day, which launched back in July.

There is even support Split View and Slide Over on iPad, so you can use it side-by-side with other apps.

The Google iOS app now has the ability to see popular times, just like the general Google app.  There are also gas prices based on nearby gas stations that send them that feed.



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