Google Search App For iOS Gets New Voice Search Look & Improved Google Now Cards

Google logo color wide If you were paying attention, and you’re an iOS user who uses the Google Search App, you’ve probably noticed that Google has released version 10.0 of the app.  The news of the update was mentioned on Google+.

The changes in this new version includes an updated logo and branding look that corresponds with the new look of Google.  Also, there has been a fresh change for the voice search capability in that app.

Other changes include a new look for the Google Now cards.  Not only are there more cards, the design is cleaner.  The new structure for the Google Now cards is new for the iOS app, which makes it on par with the Android version.  With this structure, it’ll be more predictable where to find what content.  The cards that are presented to the user are moved up and down depending on how important they are at that moment.  So if it’s morning time, as an example, the weather will appear around the top.  But later in the day, it’ll be found farther down the list of cards.  If there is some appointment or scheduled event coming up, it’ll appear near the top when it’s almost time to leave for that event.

Sports scores are better, as well.  Searching for NBA score, as an example, will bring  you game information, team news and league standings in a single place.  You’ll also see up-to-the-minute box scores.

Below is an example GIF of the updated Google App for iOS.

Nowfeed optimized normal

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