Google Search Console Adds AMP Error Report

Google logo On January 20, Google announced an addition to a new error report found within the Google Search Console for news publishers deploying accelerated mobile pages, or AMP for short.

The purpose behind AMPs is to make web pages load faster for users by cutting out the fat, so to speak, on the page, such as images, and leaving only the necessary content on the pages.  Organizations and publishers such as Google and Twitter adopted AMP as  protocol.  AMP is being launched by Google for their mobile results next month.

I order to make AMP-enabled web pages error free, Google is adding an error report for webmasters that is designed for AMP publishers in the Google Search Console.  Google said:

“AMP error report gives an overview of the overall situation on your site, and then lets you drill down to specific error types and URLs.  This process helps you quickly find the most common issues, so that you can systematically address them in your site’s AMP implementation (potentially just requiring tweaks in the templates or plugin used for these pages).”

The following image is a screen shot of the report:

Amp error report preview in search 800x584

In order to access the report, you need to get into the Google Search Console by clicking here.

Check out more information on AMP project, check out Marketing Land.


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