In a recent announcement made by Google, a new report has been added to help publishers learn more about how searchers are finding their site through the Google Discover feature. The company said it is “adding a new report in Google Search Console to share relevant statistics” regarding Google discover.

For those unfamiliar with Google Discover, it is the new name for Google Feed. It shows you topics and news items around items that are of interest to you.

The Discover report in Google Search Console will answer the following questions:

  • How often is my site shown in users’ Discover? How large is my traffic?
  • Which pieces of content perform well in Discover?
  • How does my content perform differently in Discover compared to traditional search results?

According to Google, this report is available in the new Google Search Console for “websites that have accumulated meaningful visibility in Discover.” The data goes back as far as March 2019 and will continue growing from there.

Google said that it’s possible to see AMP Stories specific data in these reports:

Signs this was coming was seen earlier this week.

Learn more. A Google help document explains “The Performance report for Discover shows important metrics about how your site performs in Discover. This report will only be visible if your property has reached a minimum threshold of impressions in Discover.”

You can learn more over here.

SourceBarry Schwartz