Google Search Console Analytics Report Now Shows App Install Button Data

google-g-logo-2015-1920-800x450This morning, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Zineb Ait Bahajii announced on Google+ a new feature for app developers  that’s found within the Google Search Console.  There is a new report that can be found in the Search Analytics report for “search appearance” that displays the number of app install button clicks for an app.

Occasionally, Google will display an app install button in the search results for mobile users.  Google now shows you how many people are clicking on that button.  You will also be able to segment the data by a variety of filters, such as keyword and country.  The one thing that doesn’t get displayed to the user is who completed the download of your app, but just those who clicked on the install button in the search results.

Check out the screen shot of the new report in the Google Search Console:



In order to see this data, you’ll have to make sure you’re app verified in the Google Search Console.

According to Google, this may increase the number of clicks and impressions you see in the Search Console Analytics report.

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