Google Search Console Begins Rolling Out Speed Report

Six months ago, Google started to test a new speed report within Google Search Console, and now, the report is starting to roll out publicly to all Search Console users. The announcement was made on November 4.

The “Speed” reports, which can be found under “Enhancements” in Google Search Console, helps webmasters to quickly locate the sections and URLs of their websites that may have speed performance issues. From there, you’ll be able to diagnose and address issues that are slowing down your page loading times.

In short, Google will bucket your pages as being  “Fast”, “Moderate” and “Slow.”

Google will share more details on how to improve the speed of the pages by linking you over to the PageSpeed Insights tool.

“You should use this report both for monitoring your performance over time and for tracking fixes you made to your website,” said Google. “If you fix an issue, use the report to track whether users experienced a performance improvement when browsing the fixed version of your website.”

SourceBarry Schwartz

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