google-thumbThis morning, a bug was found within Google that ended up sending out reverification email notifications to many users.

But here’s the issue – the verification method became invalid for a large number of sites in Google Search Console.  In the end, Google had to reverify those sites.  During the whole process, it resent verification notifications to those users.

In the notification, it said, “Google has identified that

[email] has been added as an owner of [domain name].”  If you received this email notification, John Mueller of Google told every on Twitter not to panic.  He said to make sure that all those who are verified for your website should be.  Bug or not, it’s a good idea to check up on this stuff anyway.  To check up on who’s verified or not, just log in to your Search Console, click on the gears icon, and click verification on the details screen.  Make sure that the emails on that list are the users you want to have access to your account.

Check out the screen shot that shows the verification attempts, and then the reverification, followed by those who have access to the account in Search Console.


Here’s the tweet from John Mueller:

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