google-search-console-800x146Whether or not you consider change to be good or bad, it’s going to happen regardless of if you want it to or not.  Google has quietly changed the language and action butons in the Google Search Console, where you are able to remove content from the Google index.

In the “Remove URLs” tool in the Google Search Console, instead of saying “create a new removal request,” it’ll now say “temporary hide” URLs.

Everything about the actual protocol itself hasn’t changed, such as what it does or how long it lasts.  The reason behind the language change seems to be that it was scaring away webmasters from using it.  By saying that it is only “temporary,” there’s a better chance that webmasters would use the feature more.

There was probably quite a few people who felt that by using the feature, it would permanently remove content from Google.  But in reality, this wasn’t the case.  By being more clear in how they described the feature through language, Google would  kill two birds with one stone.

Here are before and after screen shots of the page, posted by Jennifer Slegg:

The new text says, “Temporarily remove URLs that you own from search results.  To remove content permanently,  you must remove or update the source page.”


Originally, it said, “Use robots.txt to specify how search engines should crawl your site, or request removal of URLs from Google’s search results (have you read our removal requirements?)  Only site owners and users with full permission can request removals.”



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