According to an announcement, Google is no longer supporting the preferred domain setting in Google Search Console. This means that this feature isn’t being moved from the old version of Google Search Console to the new one. It’s existence ends with the old version of the platform.

The preferred domain setting is an old feature of Google Search Console that has existed with the toolset since it was named Google Webmaster Tools. The feature allowed users to communicate with Google the preferred domain the one you would like used to index your site’s pages, which is also referred to as the canonical domain.

The old version of Google Search Console

The reason behind this feature’s removal is because Google is able to pick the preferred domain for you based on various signals Google ingests.

Google said with this feature going away, it will not look at the current configuration and setting. Google said “that with the deprecation we will no longer use any existing Search Console preferred domain configuration.”

Now, you can communicate to Google your preferred domain through good site architecture. According to Google, you are able to use four different methods or read this help document to help Google determine your canonical domain.

  • Use rel=”canonical” link tag on HTML pages
  • Use rel=”canonical” HTTP header
  • Use a sitemap
  • Use 301 redirects for retired URLs

SourceBarry Schwartz