Alerts and notifications are being sent out by Google from Google Search Console when it detects a “substantial drop” in clicks to your website from the Google search results when compared to the data from previous weeks.  What’s being done is that Google is basically looking at week-over-week data in the Performance report.  If the data is off by a substantial amount in clicks, Google sends out a notification to verify property owners in Search Console of this change.

Vance Moore III shared a screenshot of the notification on Twitter, it reads “Search Console analyzed your performance report and found that your site had a substantial drop in clicks last week compared to the previous weeks. This drop is likely due to a drop in clicks for the query “X”.”

It seems that Google is going to compare your site clicks and query clicks as reported in the Google Search Console’s performance report.  If a large enough fluctuation is seen by Google, if you have verified access to that property in Search Console, you might be sent a notification.

One obvious reason you’d likely see a drop in impressions or clicks is that your web page that ranked in a certain position in Google isn’t ranking in that position any longer.  If your ranking dropped, there could also be a technical issue with that page that caused it to drop.

This is important because there are some site owners who aren’t looking at their analytics or Search Console performance reports enough.  These alerts can help them realize changes in their site’s performance in Google search closer to when the change happens, and not days or weeks later.  It can help by finding issues and address them before the issues impacts their business in a big way.

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