Email notifications are being sent out by Google via Search Console to alert site owners about spikes in search traffic for specific pages. “Your page is trending up,” the email reads, followed by a number indicating the page’s average daily clicks over the past few days.

In order to illustrate the significance of the number, the email will note the percent increase in daily clicks compared to the usual average.

Google will also try explaining why the increase in search clicks has occurred by offering some potential explanations.

Here is an example of the email alert shared by Juan Gonzalez Villa on Twitter:

Emails like this have been sent by Google in the past, letting site owners about spikes or drops in weekly search traffic.

The difference here with this new email is that they are alerting the site owner to traffic spikes much faster.

John Mueller of Google addressed these emails saying that they are sent out only when there’s useful information to share. This means that site owners won’t be receiving these emails unless there is a page that’s generating higher than average clicks from search results.

Note – these emails will only be sent for traffic spikes from organic search results only – because that’s all Search Console is designed to measure. Search Console will not send emails about spikes in traffic from other sources, like referral traffic from social media for example.

SourceMatt Southern