In an announcement made by Google on the webmaster blog, beginning at the end of March 2019, the company is going to change how the Google Search Console Performance reports will count metrics.  Rather than using the exact URL, it will transition to using the canonical URL for reporting.

Google said “to help unify your data, Search Console will soon begin assigning search metrics to the (Google-selected) canonical URL, rather than the URL referred to by Google Search.”

Once this change is launch, google will give you a few weeks to view both the old and new methodology, so you you’ll have the ability to see the difference between the two.  The data will also be backdated starting as far back as January 2018 when once the change goes into effect.

According to Google, the change will provide three benefits:

  1. The ability to see a “full picture about a specific piece of content in one property
  2. Your mobile or AMP pages will also show as one property
  3. It will also improve the AMP and Mobile-Friendly reports by showing more data.

The change is happening by the end of March. Google will “pre-populate your unified data beginning from January 2018.” The APIs will also change in March 2019 as well.

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