Two changes have been made by Google in Google Search Console over the last day.  The most significant change is the index coverage report is now using mobile-first indexing data when available.  Google has also issued notices about sunsetting old Google Search Console reports when similar reports exist in the new Google Search Console.

Google updated its index coverage report to utilize data that it has gathered from the mobile-first indexing initiative rather than using desktop indexing data for sites that switched to mobile-first. According to Google this only impacts “properties that have been migrated to mobile first indexing.”

In regards to the index coverage report, Google said that the only data that has been impacted in this reported is related to the “error counts” and “new issues” related notices.  From this point onward, this index coverage report will reflect the status of mobile-first indexing around those issues. Google said the “indexed page counts are not affected by this change.”

The change began on November 26, 2018.  From this point forward, it has changed for properties that have already moved to the mobile-first indexing initiative, Google said.  If you received a notification, you would be told that your site/property has already moved.  If not, Google is still using the desktop indexing data for this report, at least until you get a notification that your site has moved.

Notices have been posted by Google throughout the old version of the Google Search Console letting users know that some of the reports are going away.  Currently, these notices can be found in the old Google Search Console, within the Search Analytics report, Rich Results report, AMP report, Links report, Internal Links report, Manual Actions report, Mobile Usability report, Index Status report and Crawl Errors report.  But at some point, all these reports will be going away.  So far, no date was given.

The notice reads “Important: This report will soon be replaced by the new Search Console. Please update your links to point to the new Search Console.” Some of the notices link directly to the replacement report in the new version of the Google Search Console.


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