google-g-logo-2015-1920-800x450The 2015 US Mobile App Report, which analyzes the popularity, usage and location of mobile apps has been released by comScore.  Although there a lot of really big apps included in the report, like Instagram an Snapchat, they’re nothing in comparaision to the fourth most popular app in the reoprt, Google Search.


Out of the 25 apps to make the list, Google Search is the only search app to make an appearance.  Despite the fact that it’s just a search app, that’s what makes it even more impressive that it made it to be the fourth most popular app out there.  Not only that, but Google Search is the fastest growing app on the list at a 16 percent rate year over year.  Again, this is an impressive rate of popularity growth, especially compared to other top five apps like Facebook (9 percent YoY) and Google Play (7 percent).

With great popularity, comes great impressions with users.  Not only is Google Search the fourth most popular app right now, but it’s top of mind with users.  The app appears on 30 percent of everybody’s home screen of phones.  The only app that is topping Google Search in this metric is Facebook:


Naturally, although quite a few people are using the Google Search app and keeping it on their home screen, it isn’t being used for extended periods of time.  As far as usage goes, Google Search only makes up 1.5 percent of time spent on mobile apps.  This makes sense as people are using the likes of Google Search for some quick query searches, unlike Facebook, as an example, where people would spend a lot more time going through the social News Feed.


If you are curious to see the report in its entirety, check out the free 2015 US Mobile App Report.  The above images are all by comScore.

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