When doing a search for some queries, Google will show answers without any additional search results.  As an example, if you do a search for [portland oregon time now], Google will display the answer, then show a button below the answer to load the search results.

According to Google, with the queries where this shows up, searchers “rarely use full search results.”  If the searcher wants those results, they can find them by clicking on the ‘Show all results’ button.”

Here’s a screen shot:

It even works with calculator queries too:

It works with conversions as well:

Google has added a button for “show all results” to load the results after.

Danny Sullivan of Google responded saying:

For calculator, unit converter & local time, we’re experimenting with a condensed view to further speed up load time. People who search for these tools rarely use full search results, but the results will remain available for those who want them via the “Show all results” button.

@AnalyticsNinja was the one who spotted this first.

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