Google Sending Invalid Error Notices Of Redirecting Smartphone Users To Homepage

It was reported a couple weeks ago that Google had been sending notices to webmasters over faulty mobile redirects.  In the notice, webmasters were told that searchers were being given their own notices that told them that they would be redirected to the homepage, instead of the specific page they clicked on within the Google search results.

Apparently Google is sending some notifications to webmasters, although nothing is even wrong.  Even Search Engine Land got the notice, and as of August 11th, it was fully responsive.  What exactly could be causing Google to be sending out notices to webmasters when there isn’t any problem?  One solution that was thought of by  was that it could simply be the site migration from HTTP to HTTPS.  With pages that don’t exist anymore, this alone could be triggering the notifications to be sent out.  But since there’s not reporting on the matter in Webmaster Tools, this reason isn’t validated for sure.

Google themselves have told some webmasters to potentially ignore the messages they’re getting since they are sending out the notices “overenthusiastically.”

Here is a screenshot of what the message looks like:

Google faulty redirect webmaster tools notice 1407848873

When searching, a user may run into a faulty mobile redirect in Google and would see this:


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