Google Sending Searchers To Nonexistent Videos

Google It seems that something is wrong in Google Land.  As many know, Google has a dedicated video search program called Google Video, and it’s designed to bring back videos from across the web.  Google even has YouTube under their belt as well.  But what’s wrong is that is that some searches promising to lead people to video content are failing to show the designated videos.

Here’s an example using Apple:

Apple google search 800x502

By searching for “Apple” on Google and selecting “More”, and then using the “Videos” option, the results are the same as if you go to Google Videos directly.  The second and third listing options tell us that there’s video to watch, but neither page has videos on them.


There are other examples where by putting in a query of “Google” in the search box, you get two listings that are supposed to have videos on their pages:

One being from Google Inbox, where if you click on it, it will cause an actual video to load within the page, but getting to the rest of the videos is pretty much impossible to get to.

The second example is for Project Tango, where the video is only available by clicking in the “For Developers” box that makes a box appear at the top of the page, that then requires to to make another click to play the video.

Google google search

Project tango google 710x600

In theory, you shouldn’t have to go to all this work to see a video you should have been directed to after the first click.

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