Yesterday, Google released its annual web spam report, which documented some of the company’s spam fighting activity in 2016.

Something that was interesting was that Google sent out over 9 million messages related to web spam in 2016.  When you compare it to the 2015 report, this number was over double the 4.3 million messages sent out.  Something else that stood out was that hacked sites continue to rise.  Between 2015 and 2016, it rose by 32 percent.  But between 2014 and 2015, the increase was at 180 percent in the previous report.

Check out some data highlights from this year’s report:

  • 32 percent increase in hacked sites compared to 2015
  • Over 9 million messages sent to webmasters to notify them of webs pam issues on their sites
  • Structured data manual actions taken on more than 10,000 sites
  • Over 180,000 user-submitted spam reports from around the world, down from 400,000 the year before
  • Of those 180,000 spam reports, 52 percent of those reported sites considered to be spam
  • More than 170 Google online office hours and live events around the world to audiences totaling over 150,000 website owners, webmasters and digital marketers
  • More than 67,000 questions in the Google support forums

It was noted by Google that the Penguin algorithm was made real-time in 2016.

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