Google Shopping Expanding 360 Degree Product Images

Google shopping 3 d lego 300x363Google seems to always add something new to their products, whether we like them or not.  Last year, it looks like Google had been busy adding 360 degree product views to Google Shopping before the holiday season began.  Since it’s induction into Google Shopping, the 360 degree product view has been broadened even farther.

Before, it was doing simply toys, but now has moved up to showing off other consumer products.  Google is touting the 360 view of these products on those that people would usually want to examine closely, such as cameras.  If you find a product that uses this view type, you will be able to move the images around, allowing you to see all sides, top and bottom of a product.  Basically, it’s almost like picking it up physically and looking at it as if it came off the shelf.

At this point, it’s still pretty hard to find 3D viewable products, but we would think there would assume that a number of manufacturers have signed on to the program.  We can only expect to find more and more of these items making the move over into 3D in the future.

Google shopping 3 d

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