Google Shopping Gets Top Spot Impression Share & Product Diagnostics Reporting

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There are a number of new features that Google rolls out every year, ahead of the holidays for retail advertisers.  This year, the updates have started coming out.

Google has introduced a brand new metric and new reporting for Shopping campaigns advertisers – only in the AdWords interface.

The new metric is called absolute top impression share, and it reports how often Shopping ads and Local Inventory ads appear in the first spot on mobile and desktop.  According to Google, during Q4 last year, the first mobile Shopping ad saw up to three times more engagement than the other spots.

There is a new diagnostics report on the Products page that lets advertisers dig deeper into product status issues in AdWords.


The features can be added to the list of features exclusive to the new AdWords interface — which is being called the new AdWords experience by Google.

SourceGinny Marvin

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