Google’s “key moments” feature, also known as “in this video,” is now showing on more than one video in mobile search results. The feature can now be hid and expanded as well. It previously appeared only on the first video listing.

Australian SEO consultant Brodie Clark spotted the change Tuesday.

Key moments distinguishes different sections of a video, which lets users jump to the section they are looking for right from the search results.

Having a timeline of your video’s content can make it easier for a user to locate the information they are looking for. This could ultimately make it more likely for the user to click through. Users can skip sections of your video that are important to your business, but not as important for your users.

With key moments appearing on multiple video carousel results, videos that aren’t ranking at number one can potentially attract more views.

This feature has become more prominent in search, and that means that Google seems to have witnessed engagement metrics indicating it’s worth in expansion.

Key moments can be displayed for English videos hosted on YouTube if the creator provides timestamp information within the video description.

The feature is not supported outside of YouTube yet, but Google has created a form to survey creators for their interest in supporting it for videos hosted outside of the platform.

The key moments feature was first spotted in September 2019 and was formally announced shortly after.

SourceGeorge Nguyen