Google Sitemaps Report Bug May Show Huge Decline In Indexed Pages

google-logo-874x288It has come to light that the Google Search Console is suffering from a new bug that has many webmasters and marketers worried.  A number of webmaster have begun noticing huge declines in the number of indexed pages being display in the Google Sitemaps report.

There are hundreds of thousands of pages that are being displayed as not being indexed any longer by Google, and that can be worrying to any webmaster.  The following shot is of a single report showing a noticeable drops in index counts on July 14, 2015:


This is one of many examples of sudden drop offs in Google indexed pages.  Google does know about this issues and they said that they are working to get it resolved.  Gary Illyes from Google Barry Schwartz on Twitter that this has been confirmed as a bug and that the Google team is “working on it.”

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