what-time-super-ball-google-fail-800x381Have you wondered when the Super Bowl is going to start?  Well, if you ask Google

[when does the super bowl start] or [what time does the super bowl start], you’ll get the date and time for last year’s Super Bowl.  You’ll find that last year’s game was on February 2nd at 6:30 pm ET.  This year it’ll be on February 1st.

For years, the query has been the target of publications in order to rank well to gain clicks, impressions and ad revenue.  Even though Google knows that this has been a big issue for a long time now, but the problem is still there.

Danny Sullivan documented how publications are targeting the Super Bowl start time for ranking purposes for years.

Even when doing a search for the answer, the correct Google Answer isn’t provided in these queries, but only a knowledge graph pulled Google Answer showing the wrong information.

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