google-map-logoFor those who who haven’t heard of Miniatur Wunderland, before, it’s a massive model railroad exhibit in Hamburg, Germany.  The exhibit covers over 1,300 square meters (which equates to 14,000 square feet) and is reportedly Hamburg’s most popular tourist attraction.

Miniatur Wunderland began it’s run back in 2000, and features eight sections that show off different scenes and countries throughout both Europe and the US, such as a a mini Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.


The attraction was even documented by Google with little Street View cars as though the place was real.  You can check out Street View imagery on Google Maps of the various “landmarks” and sections of the exhibit.

What’s cool is that when you check out each area of the exhibit, you can rotate all around the “streets” and “locations” of the area as if it was a real life-sized place.  Little 360-degree cameras were placed to tiny cars and trains to capture the imagery exhibit so that it would make things feel more like a real place.  Although you can still tell the surrounding area is all pretend, it’s still pretty impressive when you look at the level of detail of the models.

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