On March 6, Google announced that it is expanding its Google Surveys product and Surveys 360, its survey solution for enterprises, to over than 50 countries.

Google Surveys was originally launched in 2012 as Google Consumer Surveys, and was designed to “… put quality market research in the hands of businesses of all sizes,” says Google.  With the Surveys 360 product, users get the same survey solutions, with added advanced targeting, reporting and sharing features for enterprise organizations.

According to Frank Kelly, Lightspeed GMI’s SVP of Google Marketing and Strategy, his company is going to be using the surveys in geographic markets where the company has previously had difficulty collecting consumer research.

“As a global company, we’re especially excited about the targeting expansion to over 50 new countries,” says Kelly in the announcement on Google’s Analytics Blog.

Not only is Google expanding surveys to over 50 countries, it is now possible for users in more than 70 countries to purchase surveys, as it has added support for the product in 12 different currencies and 18 languages.  Google’s billing and contracting flow for the surveys are also being tweaked as well.

Google’s plan is to roll out surveys to more countries this year and will launch iOS targeting for the product as well.

Here is a video that features product team members outlining the Google Survey updates announced:

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