It seems that there are a number of attorneys who specialize in online defamation/libel case that have reported that Google recently suspended their longstanding, informal policy of removing URLs from US search results that are specified in duly executed court orders.

Around the start of August or September of 2016, there were some attorneys from across the US who started receiving blanket denials after submitting requests to removal defamatory content from Google’s search results.

Google has an informal policy, since at least 2009, of accepting many removal requests when accompanied by a correctly executed court order that specified defamatory/libelous content as specific URLs.

It seems that they’re now stopped.  Not for every single request, but enough has to make it clear that somethings changed.

In an article on Search Engine Land,  looks at what could be a recent policy shift in Google’s longstanding informal policy of granting court-ordered defamation removal requests.

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