When it comes to fact checking and preventing fake news from popping up in search results, it looks like it’s going to be a top priority for search engines in the coming year.

After the US election and Brexit came and went, there was an increased focus on being placed on how social networks and search engine can avoid showing “fake news” to their users.  This fight is definitely not a one man fight.  Even for an entity the size Google, the fight would be difficult, if not impossible by themselves.

Because search engines provide a key way for people to consumer information online, it can be quite a problem if they can both decide what the truth is and label content as the truth.  As of the moment, it’s not being abused too much, but for the future, there isn’t any guarantee of the safe governance of such organizations in the future.

There are five ways Google will be able to deal with fake news right now:

  1. Manually reviewing websites
  2. Algorithmically demoting fake news
  3. Removing incentives to create fake news
  4. Signaling when content has been fact-checked
  5. Funding fact-checking organizations

In an article by , he’ll go into depth on these five points on how Google can combat fake news and ultimately tackle this problem.  Check it out!

Search Engine Land: How Google Is Tackling Fake News, And Why It Should Not Do It Alone