Google Testing A Red Slow Label In The Search Results For Slower Sites

Back in 2010, decided to mix things up a little bit with their search algorithm by putting in an addition ranking factor that included page speed.  Since the release of this new addition, there has been a lot of reports and tools released by Google to help you improve your page speed for users as well as the algorithm.


But as of today,  from Search Engine Land spotted something interesting from a Google+ post that Google could be testing something new.  It looks like Google is testing red “Slow” labels in the mobile search results.  This new label would indicate if a specific web page is slow and would let the user know before clicking the link to move over the page that could load slowly.

Below is a picture from K Neeraj Kayastha:

Google mobile slow label 1424870455

As noted by Barry, it is odd that the two sites have been indicated as slow.  I do find it quite a bit ironic that they label a site owned by them as slow.

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