google-adwords-gradient1-1920Recently, there are some AdWords advertisers who received emails from Google about a loan offer from Lending Club.  The purpose behind behind these loads is to be used specifically to fund AdWords advertising campaigns.

The email begins with, “As as valued AdWords customer, we would like to let you know of an offer through Lending Club to help business owners finance their AdWords advertising.”


If you didn’t get this letter, it’s because this seems to be a limited test.  According to a Google Spokesperson who spoke to Search Engine Land, “As part of our ongoing work to deliver solutions for advertisers, we’re running a small referral test on new potential payment options.”

Back in February of this year, Google decided to phase out the AdWords Business Credit Card program.  That program was formed when Google partnered with banks and was launched it in the US and UK back in 2012.  With that program in place, small businesses were given access to credit for any of their AdWords campaigns.  Basically, this new Lending Club Program could be the replacement for the AdWords Business Credit Card program, assuming it works.

Google phased out the AdWords Business Credit Card program on February 1, 2015. Google partnered with banks on the credit card program and launched it in the US and UK in 2012. It gave small businesses access to credit for their AdWords campaigns. The new Lending Club program could be the replacement option for that program if it ends up working.

To be specific, Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lender that focused on consumer lending, up until recently.  Lending Club partnered with Google and Alibaba Group, US back in April 2015 to facilitate commercial loans.  The goal behind the deal with Google is to help small companies that resell Google For Work services secure low-interest loans.  Google was an early investor in Lending Club.

When it comes to the AdWords loan experiment, Google is simply referring leads t Lending Club, and nothing more.  They aren’t actually providing the lending itself.  If all is approved, then Lending Club would fund the business’s AdWords account directly.


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