google-shoppingA new test has been started by Google for product filter buttons for product listing ads in the search results, which includes a special “In Store” filter for Local Inventory Ads.

Merkle RKG has spotted this test, and said that the filter buttons appear to show up when superlatives like “top” or “best” or other qualifying adjectives are not used in the search query.

The Merkle RKG team took a screenshot for “keurig coffee makers” features filter buttons for In Store, Top Rated and Up to $30.  Once you’ve clicked on a filter, the Shopping page that results features products that meet the filter requirements.  It’s possible that the buttons would have the ability to draw even more visitors to Google Shopping pages, which will give more advertisers the opportunity to be found.


With the In Store filter, which is very interesting, consumers can quickly see stores nearby that carry the product.  The Best Buy ad that is shown in the screenshot above is an example of a Local Inventory Ad.  This ad shows the product that is available for pickup in a Best Buy location that is located 7.3 miles from that specific location.  These are an important factor for brick and mortar retailers.

It seems that, according to Merkle RKG, mobile conversions for ads with in-store pickup selected rising significantly since mid-may.

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