google-logoWhen it comes to image extensions, they don’t know if they want to stay or go.  Google had tested them in 2013, but they never got off the ground.  Bing Ads even tried their own version of image extensions that came out of beta just over a year ago.  It seems that Google is trying out images in tedt ads yet again.  But this time, it it’s in a type of Sitelinks test.


Images appearing with Sitelink extensions.

Looking at the above screenshot provided by The Zebra, a mobile ad for includes a swipeable carousel of sitelinks with accompanying images.  Right now, it isn’t clear if this test is being run on desktop as well.

With the inclusion of images in the extensions, it’s interesting as is the use of the carousel for another extension.  Google changed the display format of Price extensions from a list to swipeable carousel last week.


An example of standard text Sitelink extensions


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