Google is currently testing the display of two call-to-action buttons in restaurant listings, which enables the search to reserve a table or see available tables tomorrow.  These two buttons, which read “Reserve a Table” and “Tables Tomorrow,” are a little redundant, but there seems to be a good reason to have both.  In either case, depending on the button you click on, you’ll be shown tables you can reserve.

Here is a screen shot from Sergey Alakov of this test showing the two buttons:

It could be just a bug, but according to Sergey Alakov, clicking either button opened a window where one could reserve a table for tomorrow. With the “Reserve a table” button, it defaulted to 6:00 pm; while the “Tables tomorrow” button defaulted to 7:00pm tomorrow.

Here is that screen shot:


Again, it could be just a bug, but Google seems to be testing showing two different buttons.  In that case, it might have not been set up to handle every possible situation in whcih somebody clicks on the button.

It does beg the question – why show two buttons when one would probably be better?

I tried replicating this test, and I didn’t get the same results.

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