Google Testing “Value Alert” Notice In Google Shopping Ads

Google As usual, Google has decided to begin testing something else new for its users.  In this case, Google is focusing on product listing ads by highlighting “value” products.

This test was spotted by Elizabeth Marsten at CommerceHub on Thursday, noticing a “Value alert” message at the bottom of the ad.  Take a look at the image below to see the tested message alert:

Value alert google adwords pla If you noticed in the image, the product being advertised doesn’t have the lowest price point of other comparable items.  Instead, it could be that what Google is testing is a new way of advertising things that are having a good sale or discount.

By looking on the DermSore.com product page, there is no sales price on that brand shown.  What’s strange is tat there ins’t a Vitaphenol serum listed on sale, so it’s isn’t clear which product is being shown in the search results.  The message that is being seen in the search results could simply e shown due to to the size of the discount.  The Vitapehenol products on sale are discounted by 52 percent currently.  Does the advertisers’ TrustedStores status have anything to do with the test?  We aren’t sure, as this isn’t clear.

Either way, we need to keep in mind that this is only a test, as is a limited one.  Google hasn’t offered any details when asked about the test.

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