It seems that Google is testing the delivery of ads in Google Assistant results.  Gennaro Cuofano, who performed a search on an Android phone, shared a screen shot that shows an ad for an Executive MBA program in Italy.  On Twitter, he added that the organic results were below the fold and, “The answer on the voice assistant pretty much mirrored the search result page on that one.”

It’s not a shock that Assistant ads would be eventual.  It would simply be a matter of time before Google began testing ads in Assistant results.

Previously, Google announced that the Assistant is now on one billion devices, which includes mostly smartphones.  There aren’t any official numbers from Google, but as some percentage of search queries migrate to the Assistant, potential PPC revenue will be lost in tradition search results.  This is why Google is testing ads with the Assistant.

More than likely, Google will probably label this an experiment.  Any formal rollout of paid-search ads in the Assistant might not come until quite a bit later, assuming it does at all.  But if ads in Assistant do end up happening, Google will unlikely place ads in these results.

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